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SELECTBIO Conferences Extracellular Vesicles 2022: Biology, Disease & Medicine

Billie Hwang's Biography

Billie Hwang, Transplant Immunologist, University of Washington

Dr. Billanna Hwang is a transplant immunologist from the University of Washington. Early in her career at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, her primary studies investigated the role of Tregs in bone marrow transplantation and the development of acute and chronic GVHD. Her secondary projects led her to collaborations in the area of solid organ transplantation, specifically in VCA and lungs. Her current translational work continues to be in immune-driven responses in lung transplantation and associated clinical risk factors (ACR and CLAD), but has now evolved into exosome-based immunology. In addition she is also investigating the role of exosomes in pulmonary fibrosis, biomaterials, and pathogenesis of different lung diseases. She is also currently the co-director of the University of Washington Lung Transplant Biorepository with future gains to add the cardiac transplant to the infrastructure.

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Lung Transplant Immunology Through the Exosome Lens

Wednesday, 14 September 2022 at 14:30

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Lung transplantation improves survival and quality-of-life for patients with end-stage lung disease. Clinical risk factors post-transplant including primary graft dysfunction (PGD) and acute and chronic lung allograft dysfunction (ALAD and CLAD) negatively impact the long-term benefits of transplantation and continues to be an area of research that has not been fully understood. Exosome immunology is a novel area of research that directly implicates extracellular vesicles (30-150nm) in playing a major role in a wide variety of diseases and immune responses. Despite the explosion of exosome studies in the last 5 years, their role in solid organ transplantation has been limited. In our studies, we aim to understand the role of exosomes in the donor:host immune responses and as prognostic biomarkers in clinical outcomes post-transplant including the development of acute and chronic rejection. In addition, we aim to develop a potentially novel paradigm that redefines lung transplant immunology through an exosome lens.

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