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Jonas Tegenfeldt's Biography

Jonas Tegenfeldt, Professor, Lund University

The research interests of Prof Tegenfeldt is in the field of micro and nanofluidics for applications in biology and biophysics. He has has made important contributions within DNA analysis in nanofluidics and label-free cell sorting in microfluidic devices with more than 70 publications, cited more than 3400 times. A few examples include pioneering work on electrode less dielectrophoresis, DNA stretching in nanochannels, passive sorting schemes for shape and deformability based sorting.
Tegenfeldt’s background is in physics with a MSc in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University (1991) and a PhD in Engineering from Lund University (1997). His postdoctoral training took place at Princeton University 1998-2003 under the supervision of Prof Ted Cox and Prof Bob Austin.
He is a full professor in nanophysics at Lund University since 2014. His group is involved in several international and national collaborations, one of the most notable is the Initial Training Network, LAPASO financed by EU (FP7) for which Tegenfeldt is the coordinator. It brings together 14 partners from academia and industry to develop and employ microfluidic label-free cell sorting technologies.

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Label-Free Particle Sorting - Innovative Ways to Fractionate Cells Based on their Innate Properties

Thursday, 11 May 2017 at 11:45

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Label-free sorting uses the inherent properties of the particles to divide them into different fractions. We will present results on sorting of cells and particles based not only on size but also shape, deformability, density and dielectric properties.

Day One

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 at 08:50

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