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David Sun Kong's Biography

David Sun Kong, Technical Staff, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

David Sun Kong is a Synthetic Biologist, community organizer, musician, and photographer based in Lexington, MA. He conducted his graduate studies at MIT’s Media Laboratory, receiving a masters for developing technology for printing nanostructures with energetic beams and a Ph.D. for demonstrating the first gene synthesis in a microfluidic (“lab-on-a-chip”) system. He was an inaugural fellow for the Synthetic Biology Leadership Accelerator Program (LEAP) and serves as a mentor for the current class of fellows. He is chairing a new Hardware Track for the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition (iGEM), served as guest faculty at the Marine Biology Lab in Woods Hole, and currently conducts synthetic biology, microfluidics, and digital fabrication research at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory with a focus on open-source hardware and democratizing technology.

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Artificial Gut for Engineering Microbial Communities

Thursday, 9 July 2015 at 08:30

Add to Calendar ▼2015-07-09 08:30:002015-07-09 09:30:00Europe/LondonArtificial Gut for Engineering Microbial

The human gut microbiota is one of the most densely populated ecosystems of microorganisms on earth. A growing body of research is beginning to elucidate the diverse impacts the gut microbiota plays in human health and development, from nutrition, to disease, and even cognition. Recently, with the success of fecal matter transplants (FMTs) to treat infectious disease, microbes are emerging as a unique therapeutic. We will present model systems to both prototype and study complex polymicrobial systems for producing robust microbial communities that can be engineered at both the genetic level (subcellular) and population level (multicellular).

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