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Peter Poechlauer's Biography

Peter Poechlauer, Principal Scientist, DPx Fine Chemicals Austria GmbH & Co KG

Peter Poechlauer received a PhD in organic chemistry from Innsbruck University in 1986.
2 years of post-doc studies at Munich University in the Laboratories of Prof. Rolf Huisgen followed. Both activities were dedicated to the elucidation of organic reaction pathways.
In 1990 he joined Chemie Linz, later OMV, as a synthetic chemist.
Since 1996 he has worked with DSM as scientist, project leader and competence manager.
2003 – 2007 he headed a department of process technology.
Since 2007 he has worked as principal scientist with a focus on process intensification and micro reactor technology.
Since 2014 he has been responsible for Innovation Management.

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Implementing Flow Processes in Industry: Critical Issues and Stakeholders

Tuesday, 17 February 2015 at 16:00

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The realization of flow chemistry projects in an industrial setting faces hurdles beyond purely technical challenges. Careful and conscious stakeholder management helps to meet expectations by very different stakeholders such as health, safety, environment and regulatory bodies.

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