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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry Europe 2018: Emerging Themes and Trends in the Field

Neal Sach's Biography

Neal Sach, Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer

In 1995 Neal began his career at Rhone-Poulenc Agriculture in the UK before switching fields and joining Process Chemistry at Pfizer Sandwich, becoming the first member of the high-throughput reaction optimization group. Over the next decade the application of technology to process chemistry become increasingly valuable and Neal eventually headed up a group of five scientists, before, in 2007, he switched divisions within Pfizer and moved to Discovery Chemistry in San Diego. Neal currently applies miniaturized high-throughput screening technologies, including flow technology, to solving chemical problems in the discovery portfolio.

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Sub-Micromolar Reaction Screening in Flow

Tuesday, 6 February 2018 at 15:45

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A novel segmented flow technology is presented that enables sub-┬Ámol scale reaction screening. This step change in scale, compared with typical batch methods, enables the potential to examine over 1500 combinations (solvent, base, catalyst, and temperature) automatically in 24 hours using just 15mg of substrate.  The presentation will demonstrate the technology through a model Suzuki coupling in which over 5000 combinations were completed in 4 days to arrive at a scalable process suitable for scale up, or scale-out.

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