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SELECTBIO Conferences POC Diagnostics, Global Health-Viral Diseases 2017

Kamlesh Patel's Biography

Kamlesh Patel, R&D Advanced System Engineering and Deployment Manager, Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Kamlesh D. Patel is research scientist at Sandia National Laboratories-California and currently serves as the manager for the Advance Systems Engineering and Deployment Group. Dr. Patel’s research focus is part of a larger effort at Sandia to develop creative and innovative solutions to challenging and emerging issues in global chemical, biological, and radiological dangers?protecting our nation and troops abroad from such threats. An important element of Dr. Patel’s group is to improve our nation’s ability to anticipate and defend by developing advance concepts platforms for better detection and diagnostic capability to make rapid, real-time decisions. With a background in analytical separation science, coupled to years of experience in microsystems engineering, Dr. Patel has applied microfluidic-based technology and systems engineering to such new frontiers.

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Nanopore Sequencing for Real-Time Pathogen Identification

Tuesday, 3 October 2017 at 13:30

Add to Calendar ▼2017-10-03 13:30:002017-10-03 14:30:00Europe/LondonNanopore Sequencing for Real-Time Pathogen IdentificationPOC Diagnostics, Global Health-Viral Diseases 2017 in Coronado Island, CaliforniaCoronado Island,

Effective global health response to emergent infectious disease requires a rapidly deployable, universal diagnostic capability. We will present our ongoing work to develop a fieldable device for universal bacterial pathogen characterization based on nanopore DNA sequencing.  The relative small-size, portability, long-read lengths, and real-time informatics makes this commercially available technology a game-changer for bacterial pathogen identification.  We will present our latest results in integrating a microfluidic front-end for rapid sample preparation and a unique bioinformatics strategy for sequencing the entire 16S to 23S ribosomal DNA locus for species level identification.

Add to Calendar ▼2017-10-02 00:00:002017-10-04 00:00:00Europe/LondonPOC Diagnostics, Global Health-Viral Diseases 2017POC Diagnostics, Global Health-Viral Diseases 2017 in Coronado Island, CaliforniaCoronado Island,