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Maria Montoya's Biography

Maria Montoya, Head, National Center for Cardiovascular Research

María Montoya is graduated in Biological Sciences and has a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. María lead the Confocal Microscopy and Cytometry Unit at the CNIO in Madrid from 2002 until 2008 when she was appointed head of the Cellomics Unit at CNIC where she has set up a High Content Screening facility. Her technology development skills along with her expertise in scientific research has led to numerous publications in prestigious international Scientific Journals.

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Cell-based Fuzzy Metrics Enhance High Content Screening (HCS) Assay Robustness

Thursday, 15 May 2014 at 17:00

Add to Calendar ▼2014-05-15 17:00:002014-05-15 18:00:00Europe/LondonCell-based Fuzzy Metrics Enhance High Content Screening (HCS) Assay RobustnessHigh Content Analysis in Barcelona, SpainBarcelona,

High content screening has evolved to the point where it can accurately describe complex cellular behaviour. We will present a series of cell-based evaluation metrics to filter out cells based on cell-quality criteria and to stratify cell samples to allow further analysis of homogeneous cell populations, improving phenotypic assay sensitivity.

Add to Calendar ▼2014-05-14 00:00:002014-05-15 00:00:00Europe/LondonHigh Content AnalysisHigh Content Analysis in Barcelona, SpainBarcelona,