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Nihal Engin Vrana's Biography

Nihal Engin Vrana, Fundamental Research Manager, PROTiP

Nihal Engin Vrana is Vice President (Scientific Affairs) of Protip
Medical and affiliated with INSERM Unit 1121 in Strasbourg, France.
Protip Medical develops breakthrough solutions in the field of
Otorhinolaryngology which resulted in the implantation of world’s first
functional artificial larynx in humans in 2012 (
He obtained his PhD in 2009 at Dublin City University as an EU FP 7
Marie Curie ESR fellow. His research unit’s activities in the field of
tissue engineering include development of immunoassisted engineered
tissues and hybrids of mechanical implants and tissue engineered
structures. His major research interests are titanium implants, tissue engineering, cell
encapsulation, immunomodulation, real-time biosensor based monitoring of implants and cell
biomaterials interactions.
Currently, He is the scientific coordinator of FP7 IMMODGEL project which strives to develop
solutions to adverse immune reactions against biomaterial based implantable system including
tissue engineered systems ( Since its formation in 2012, his unit has been
involved in National and International multi-partner project with a total budget of nearly 15
Million Euros either as a participant or coordinator. He has published 42 articles in peer-reviewed
academic journals (over 800 citations, h index: 17) 5 book chapters and holds 2 European patents
(and 2 more applications). In addition to over 90 presentations in international conferences, he
has given 22 invited lectures in National and International events. Aside from TERMIS-EU, he is
a member of e-MRS, Marie Curie Fellows Association, Turkish Biomaterials and Tissue
Engineering Association and Alsace Biovalley.
He regularly acts as a reviewer for journals such as Biomacromolecules, Acta Biomaterialia,
Biofabrication, Molecular Pharmaceutics, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative
Medicine, Biomedical Materials and also evaluates projects at European Union level and several
National European agencies. He recently edited a book for Taylor and Francis on Cell Material
Interactions (2015). His awards include Parlar Foundation Thesis of the Year (2006), ESB
Translational Research award (2011) and 2nd Aegean R&D Patent competition 1st place award
(2012), IFOS Outstanding paper award (2013).
His outreach activities include scientific consultancy for Bio-Punk: An anthology of bioengineered
futures.’ short story compilation (supported by Wellcome Trust) and an invited article
in French popular biotechnology journal “Biofutur” about the clinical application of artificial
larynx. Being in the interface between industry and academic research he has the necessary
networks and the skill set to contribute to TERMIS-EU Strategic Alliance Committee both by
actively collaborating with other societies such as ISCT or with other stakeholders such as
National notified bodies, biomaterial and cell manipulation related companies and industrial
entities and clinicians.

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3D Printing of Auxiliary Hydrogel Structures for Personalised Implants

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 at 16:15

Add to Calendar ▼2017-05-16 00:00:002017-05-16 01:00:00Europe/London3D Printing of Auxiliary Hydrogel Structures for Personalised Implants3D Printing in Science European Congress in Deutsche Messe, Hannover, GermanyDeutsche Messe, Hannover,

The talk will focus on i) 3D printed, personalized intralaryngeal implants based on our previous clinical experiences ii) Design and development of bioprintable, immune cell-laden novel immunomodulatory hydrogels.

Add to Calendar ▼2017-05-16 00:00:002017-05-17 00:00:00Europe/London3D Printing in Science European Congress3D Printing in Science European Congress in Deutsche Messe, Hannover, GermanyDeutsche Messe, Hannover,