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SELECTBIO Conferences Biodetection & Biosensors 2016

Valery Petrenko's Biography

Valery Petrenko, Professor, Auburn University

Valery A. Petrenko, Professor in Auburn University; graduated from Moscow State University, U.S.S.R (1972); received PhD and D.Sc. degrees in chemistry from the Zelinski Institute of Organic Chemistry (1976) and Moscow State University (1988), Ranks of Senior Scientist (1984) and Professor in Bioorganic Chemistry and Molecular Biology (1992). He served as Junior and Senior Scientist (1977-1982), Laboratory Head (1982-1985), Associate Director of Research, Institute Director (1985-1989), Vice President of Research and Professor (1989-1993) in the Association “Vector” (Russia). In 1993 he joined the faculty of University of Missouri-Columbia as Visiting and Research Professor, and in 2000—the faculty of Auburn University as Professor. He is recipient (PI) of grants from the ARO, NIH-NCI, Calvert Research, LLC, and AURIC. He is recipient of the Pfizer Animal Health Awards for Research Excellence (2006, 2011), University's Scholarship Incentive Award (2014), President's Outstanding Collaborative Units Award in Pharmaceutical Engineering. He is the member of National Academy of Inventors Chapter, Auburn University Research Initiative in Cancer (AURIC), Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer (NCI) and Phi Zeta Honor Society of Veterinary Medicine. His research interests include monitoring and detection of biological threats, diagnosis of infectious and cancer diseases and tumor targeting.

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Phage-Derived Substitute Antibody Interface in Biosensors for Detection of Biological Threats

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 at 11:15

Add to Calendar ▼2016-10-19 11:15:002016-10-19 12:15:00Europe/LondonPhage-Derived Substitute Antibody Interface in Biosensors for Detection of Biological ThreatsBiodetection and Biosensors 2016 in Cambridge, UKCambridge,

The talk summarizes the results of efforts in development of the landscape phage-based interfaces for analytical platforms, including threat-controlling biosensors, and their use for detection and monitoring of the panel of representative biological threats.

Add to Calendar ▼2016-10-18 00:00:002016-10-19 00:00:00Europe/LondonBiodetection and Biosensors 2016Biodetection and Biosensors 2016 in Cambridge, UKCambridge,