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SELECTBIO Conferences RNAi, miRNA and Epigenetics

Jeiwook Chae's Biography

Jeiwook Chae, Director of RNAi, Bioneer

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SAMiRNA RNAi Nanoparticle Prodrug Technology

Tuesday, 13 November 2012 at 14:15

Add to Calendar ▼2012-11-13 14:15:002012-11-13 15:15:00Europe/LondonSAMiRNA RNAi Nanoparticle Prodrug

Topics of discussion include SAMiRNA’s flexibility to incorporate siRNA sequences against any disease target, as well as enhancement of its therapeutic potential as a delivery platform through the use of cell-type specific targeting ligands. These data suggest that SAMiRNA is the most unique and singularly effective RNAi prodrug system developed to date. Using this novel RNAi prodrug technology, Bioneer is currently advancing clinical development of pipeline programs in previously non-druggable diseases, including cancer and COPD, through partnerships with major global pharmaceutical companies.

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