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Morten Meldal's Biography

Morten Meldal, Professor Head of Nano-Science Center, University of Copenhagen

Professor Morten Meldal is currently the Director of the Nano Science Center at Copenhagen University, Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1981 he graduated as M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Technical University of Denmark. He took his PhD 1983 at Institute of Organic Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark, in "Synthesis and conformational analysis of O-specific antigens associated with Salmonella serogroup A, B and D1. He held a number of academic positions at Technical University of Denmark and in the period 1988 – 2011 he was Leader of Synthesis at Carlsberg Laboratory. He became professor in 2003. He developed novel technologies in combinatorial chemistry and peptide chemistry. His interests are in bioorganic chemistry and polymers, in assay development in enzymology and in GPCR’s. He received a large array of national and international awards, including the recent Ralph F. Hirschmann and Vincent du Vignaud Awards. He is chair of the Society of Combinatorial Sciences.

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N-Acyliminium Ion Chemistry in Chemical Biology of the GPCR’s

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 at 11:45

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N-Acyl iminium ion chemistry proved extremely versatile in conversion of peptide library assemblies into small molecule libraries suitable for investigation of receptor signaling on solid support. Monoclonal GPCR - reporter gene cell lines were developed and grown in monolayers on solid phase small molecule libraries. The interaction of GPCR’s with supported ligands and receptor signaling was investigated.

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