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SELECTBIO Conferences Advances in Cellular Assays & Cell Culture

Anthony Mitchell Davies's Biography

Anthony Mitchell Davies, Director, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Davies’s research has been focused on the development of advanced in vitro c ell based models for almost 2 decades. During his early research work, Dr Davies was primarily involved in the development of specialized bioreactor cell based models utilising primary adult cardiomyocytes which were specifically designed for use in the study of the molecular events that occur during the acute and chronic phases of heart disease. Latterly Dr Davies has been active in rapidly growing field of high content screening and analysis (HCS/A) where he has been responsible for the setting up and running of one of the first purpose built academic screening centres in Europe (INCHSA) which is based in the prestigious department of Clinical Medicine Trinity College Dublin. Since its opening INCHSA has gained recognition internationally as a centre of excellence for both advanced technology development and training in the area of cell based screening. As part of these activities Dr Davies was key in the setting up and running of the first academic course specifically focused on the use of HCS/A technologies in Biomedical Research. Most recently Dr Davies has developed and commercialized a suite of novel micro-plate Bio-reactor technologies and liquid 3D cellular scaffolds specifically designed for use in automated Drug discovery.

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Advanced Cell Culture and Assay Systems for Biomedical Research

Wednesday, 14 May 2014 at 10:45

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Currently one the biggest drivers in the field is the need to improve the relevance of the cell based assays and culture systems, to achieve these aims many are turning their attention to the use of primary cells and/or 3 dimensional cellular assay models.  In this presentation we will for the first time report a new range of engineered cellular assay and culture systems that will closer mimic the cellular micro-environments found in vivo and describe how these can be used in conjunction with the very latest cellular analysis technologies to gain new insights into cellular function and disease.

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