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Sarman Singh's Biography

Sarman Singh, Professor & Head- Clinical Microbiology & Molecular Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Prof. Sarman Singh is heading the Clinical Microbiology & Molecular Medicine, at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. His major areas of research infectious diseases diagnostics including the point-of-care test device development. He has 7 patents and one technologies has been commercialized, and has been taken-up by the Government of India in its kala-azar elimination programme.
Prof. Singh is Fellow of more than 7 national and international Academies and Member of more than 20 national and international scientific bodies. He is Editor-in-chief of Journal of Laboratory Physicians, beside being on the editorial boards of more than 40 national and international journals.
Dr. Singh has been awarded by more than 13 national and international scientific /academic bodies for his outstanding contribution to the Medical research. The most prestigious awards are (1) BMJ Excellence Award for Innovation in Healthcare Technology (2) Dr. BC Roy Award of Medical Council of India (3) Product, Process & Commercialization Award of Government of India (4) Vigyan Ratna Samman of Government of UP, India (5) Overseas Fellowship Award of Department of Biotechnology, (6) Prof. BK Aikat Oration Award of ICMR, India (7) Dr. BP Pandey Oration Award of Indian Society of Parasitology (8) Life Time Achievement Award of Society of Immunology & Immunopathology, (9) Chikitsa Ratan Award of DMA (10) Med-Achiever Award of IMA and (11) Senior Scientist Award of Indian Immunology Society (12) Merit Award of Immunocompromised Host Society (USA) 1998 (13) Young Scientist Award of Immunocompromised Host Society (USA),1996 and many more.
Dr Singh has guided 17 PhDs, 16 MDs and more than 40 MSc. theses. He has written 6 books, 46 book chapters and more than 310 research papers in various national and International journals, including CELL, PNAS and LANCET with a total citation of more than 7400, i10 index of 161 and H-index of 41.

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Development of a Seromarker for the Rapid Screening of Active Tuberculosis

Thursday, 24 May 2018 at 16:55

Add to Calendar ▼2018-05-24 16:55:002018-05-24 17:55:00Europe/LondonDevelopment of a Seromarker for the Rapid Screening of Active TuberculosisBiomarkers - From Research To Commercialization in

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