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Uli Binder's Biography

Uli Binder, Chief Technology Officer, XL Protein GmbH

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PASylation: the Biological Alternative to PEGylation

Wednesday, 20 March 2013 at 10:00

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Short plasma half-life is a major draw-back of most biopharmaceuticals, in particular small proteins and peptides, which can only in few cases be alleviated using depot formulations. Instead, PEGylation of biologics is now widely applied, but has disadvantages with regard to high production cost and tissue accumulation. We have developed PASylation, that is the genetic fusion of a biologic with a voluminous hydrophilic polypeptide composed of Pro, Ala, and/or Ser, as an efficient alternative technology to retard kidney filtration and design better drugs with prolonged action.

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