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SELECTBIO Conferences High Content & Phenotypic Screening 2016

High Content & Phenotypic Screening 2016 Workshop

Quantitative Image Analysis on the Thermo Scientific™ CellInsight™ CX7 HCA system using Studio 3.0 Software Workshop

10 May 2016 in Cambridge, UK, 13.30

A quantitative imaging and analysis approach for complex cell models, such as tissues, spheroids and multi-cell cultures is an emerging trend in Cell Biology.  During our workshop, our field application specialist, Maxime Mioulane, will walk you through using out latest HCA system, the CellInsight CX7, in conjunction with Studio 3.0 software, in a live demo.  You will be able to see, first-hand, how using our NEW Annotations Manager provides the ability to annotate plates with compound and well level details, and how it can be used quickly and easily to provide order reported measurements in ranked order for z’prime.  You will also be guided through some of the new protocols such as the advanced TargetActivation BioApplication that allows subpopulation analysis. 

Workshop Tutor

Maxime Mioulane
Field Application Scientist, Thermo Scientific

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