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SELECTBIO Conferences QbD in Pharma Development World Congress 2017

Asha Patel's Biography

Asha Patel, Associate Professor

Ms Asha Patel has 5.0 years of teaching experience at Anand Pharmacy College, Anand in the discipline of Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery System. Asha holds a Bachelor’s degree from Maliba Pharmacy College, Surat and PG studies in Pharmaceutics from Sardar Patel University, V.V. Nagar, Gujarat. She has worked on PhD research project on nanoemulsion as drug delivery tool for bioavailability enhancement at Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad. Additionally Asha has two years of industrial experience in R & D laboratory at Pharmanza Herbal Pvt. Ltd. Asha has area of expertise in Development and Characterization of Nano-colloidal drug delivery system for therapeutic application. Ms Asha had presented more than 10 Research paper in various International and National conferences held in India. Ms Asha had delivered a training session on Optimization of Nanoemulsion mixtures through Design of Experimentation and use of Chemometric tools in four day QbD and DoE certification course held at Anand Pharmacy College, Anand.

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