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Sanjay K Katiyar's Biography

Sanjay K Katiyar, Senior Development Specialist-Technology Transfer

Dr. Sanjay K Katiyar, Senior Development Specialist, Plant Breeding Platform at IRRI, is a Molecular-Plant Breeder with 25+ years of professional research & scientific leadership experience with CGIAR, NARES of S & SE Asia and multinational private seed industry. He is currently leading an international program on “Transformative Rice Breeding (TRB), which is an Initiative to Modernize public sector NARES Breeding programs in India, Bangladesh and ES Africa”. He is specialized in integrating cutting-edge technologies into conventional breeding pipeline to make the breeding dramatically efficient, targeted, cost-effective & to deliver higher genetic gain. Long experience of developing integrated breeding strategy for public & private organizations and establishing state-of-the-art “Global Technology R&D Centres” in India, Australia and Argentina.

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