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SELECTBIO Conferences AgriGenomics India 2017

Christina Supramaniam's Biography

Christina Supramaniam, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Dr Christina Supramaniam is a Malaysian who obtained her BSc Biotechnology and MSc Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering from UPM, Malaysia. She was awarded PhD in Biosciences by the University of Nottingham, UK in the area of Molecular Plant Pathology, specifically looking at oil palm basal stem rot (BSR) disease and the genes expressed during the biodegradation of lignin. Oil palm is grown widely in Malaysia and Indonesia and is a major contributing factor to the economies of the country. In 2005, she produced a Malaysian patent for a fungicidal composition and the method thereof to control BSR in the field. To date, Dr Christina has had more than four graduated PhD students from the University of Nottingham and more than 30 undergraduate and postgraduate students working on Ganoderma-oil palm interactions. She is a reviewer for Plant Pathology, Wiley and Crop Protection, Elsevier journals. She is a member of the International Society for Plant Pathology and British Society for Plant Pathology. She has other research interests that include the molecular reactions to anthracnose disease in postharvest and the bio-formulation of microbial mixtures for biological control and bioprocess technologies. Dr Christina is also a fellow of the Higher Education Agency, HEA UK since 2011.

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