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SELECTBIO Conferences Point-of-Care, Biosensors & Mobile Diagnostics Europe 2019

Marloes Peeters's Biography

Marloes Peeters, Deputy Director of Chemical Engineering

Marloes graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands) with a degree in Chemistry & Chemical Engineering. For her PhD, she moved to research institute IMO/IMOMEC in Belgium where she was part of the BIOSensors group of Prof Wagner. There, together with Maastricht University, she developed polymer-based sensing platforms that were used for the electrochemical and thermal detection of neurotransmitters. After finishing her PhD, she continued as a postdoctoral researcher within the same group to focus on aptamers as recognition elements. In 2014, she started working in the organic chemistry group of Prof Kilburn at Queen Mary University of London. Her independent research commenced at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2015 where she was promoted to senior lecturer in Chemical Biology in 2018. Since March 2019, her group has moved to Newcastle University where she is an associate professor in the School of Engineering and current deputy director of Chemical Engineering. Her research group focuses on developing novel (portable) sensing platforms that can be used in sustainable healthcare.

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