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SELECTBIO Conferences Organoids and Organs-on-Chips Europe 2022

Luana Osorio's Biography

Luana Osorio, Doctoral Student

Luana A. Osorio is a Doctoral Researcher working with Dr Ruth Mackay and Dr Elisabete Silva at Brunel University London in the United Kingdom. Her research focuses on the standardization of scaffold membranes for Breast-on-a-Chip Devices for the study of Breast Cancer as a replacement for animal models/animal-derived materials. Luana has recently published work in MDPI Bioengineering Journal and is an Early Career Research Advisor for the Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network in the UK, where she has been able to help organize grant writing workshops and poster competitions within the area. Her master's dissertation research focusing on the development of a Breast-on-a-Chip Device was recognized with The Anson Award.

Luana Osorio Image