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SELECTBIO Conferences Bioengineering for Building Microphysiological Systems 2022

Verena Schwach's Biography

Verena Schwach, Assistant Professor, Applied Stem Cell Technologies

Verena performed her PhD program in Molecular cardiovascular developmental biology in the group of Prof. Robert Passier at the department of Anatomy and Embryology at the Leiden University Medical Center headed by Prof. Christine Mummery. Verena was working on the generation of different subtypes of cardiac cells and their use for drug screening and cardiac repair and has published several studies which are depicted in this thesis. Since 2017, Verena is working as at the Applied Stem Cell Technologies department of the University in Twente which is headed by Prof. Robert Passier. Here she is working on the generation of advanced 3D tissue models for safety pharmacology and understanding disease mechanisms utilizing human stem cell-derived cardiac cells.

Verena Schwach Image