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SELECTBIO Conferences The Space Summit Europe 2023

Christiane Hahn's Biography

Christiane Hahn, Exploration Scientist - Space Biology

Christiane’s background is in neuroscience, holding a PhD in this field granted by King’s College London, and sponsored by the Medical Research Council (MRC). Her research experience is focused on neuroplastic effects of short-term activity changes, using the mouse olfactory bulb as a model system. She pursued a postdoc at the same institute further working on the project, before joining ESA. Her motivations to join the research coordination within ESA was an interest in Space exploration that she wished to pursue more actively. Christiane has been working at ESA as a scientific coordinator/project scientist within the SciSpacE team since 2018. In her work, she has coordinated human health and biology projects taking place on the ISS, as well as ground-based analogous platforms.

Christiane  Hahn Image