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SELECTBIO Conferences Cell & Gene Therapy Asia 2019

Cell & Gene Therapy Asia 2019

Conference Chairman

Norio Nakatsuji

Norio Nakatsuji
Chief Advisor, Stem Cell & Device Laboratory, Inc. (SCAD); Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University

Keynote Speakers

Hiroshi Kawamoto
Professor, Laboratory of Immunology, Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University

Ross Macdonald
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Cynata Therapeutics Ltd

Kinichi Nakashima
Professor, Department of Stem Cell Biology and Medicine, Kyushu University

Takahiro Ochiya
Professor, Tokyo Medical University

Masafumi Onodera
Head, Department of Human Genetics, National Center for Child Health and Development

Keiya Ozawa
Professor Emeritus and Visiting Professor of the Division of Immuno-Gene & Cell Therapy, Jichi Medical University

Yuji Shiba
Professor, Department of Regenerative Science and Medicine, Shinshu University

Shoji Takeuchi
Professor, Center For International Research on Integrative Biomedical Systems (CIBiS), Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo

Noboru Yamaji
President, Chief Intelligence and Liaison Officer, Universal Cells, Inc., An Astellas Company

Chae-Ok Yun
Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Hanyang University


SelectBIO is pleased to welcome you to the Second Annual Cell & Gene Therapy Asia 2019 which will be held in Kobe, Japan on November 11-12, 2019.

This conference brings together academic and industry participants focusing on many aspects of this rapidly expanding and evolving field including stem cells for cellular therapy, iPSCs and their deployment for research, pharmaceutical discovery and cellular therapy, immuno-oncology (IO) including CAR-T cell research and clinical application and technologies for gene therapy.

The conference addresses the whole ecosystem of Cell & Gene Therapy and 3D-Bioprinting with a focus on 3D-Culture, Organoids, Bioprinting and Technology Platforms being developed to bring cell therapy, gene therapy and regenerative medicine to the clinic.

In addition to presentations from academics, the program includes an emphasis on presentations from companies as well as posters to illustrate late-breaking research and an exhibit hall with companies seeking to engage with delegates from Europe, US, across Asia/Pacific and Japan.

With its strong biomedical research infrastructure, Kobe Japan is a perfect venue for Cell & Gene Therapy Asia 2019.

SelectBIO is honored that Professor Norio Nakatsuji, Professor Emeritus Kyoto University will be leading the conference as Chairman and invites young scientists to submit poster abstracts to the conference and participate in the conference.

Information and Local Registration Facilities for this Conference are Also Available In:

Japanese  |  Korean  |  Chinese (Simplified)  |  Chinese (Traditional)

Agenda Topics

  • 3D-Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering
  • 3D-Culture and Organoids
  • Clinical Trials and Commercialization of Cell Therapies
  • Gene Therapy into the Clinic
    • Clinical Pipeline
    • Regulatory Landscape
    • Technology Platforms
  • iPSC-derived Cells for Toxicity Testing, Screening and Cellular Therapy
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs): Their Potential for Cellular Therapy
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Stem Cells for Cellular Therapy

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Jeff Fan, Exhibition Manager

Distinguished Faculty

Asuka Morizane, Assistant Professor, Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University
Thai-Yen Ling, Associate Professor, National Taiwan University
Eugen Molodysky, Clinical Associate Professor, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney
Ling-Mei Wang, President and COO, Steminent Biotherapeutics
Yasutomo Nasu, Professor, Okayama University
Toshiyoshi Fujiwara, Professor & Chairman, Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ryuichi Morishita, Professor of Clinical Gene Therapy, Osaka University School of Medicine
Shin-ichi Muramatsu , Professor of Neurology, Jichi Medical University (JMU)
Kennedy Okeyo, Senior Lecturer, Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University
Toshihiro Nakajima, Senior Technical Executive and General Manager of Manufacturing, GenomIdea, Inc.

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