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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry India 2016

Continuous Flow Reactors for Industrial Scale Organic Synthesis

Held in conjunction with Flow Chemistry India 2016

19 Jan 2016, at 9.00 am to 5.00 pm in Mumbai


Who Should Attend?

Chemists from Industry, Research & Academia who are involved in basic research in Chemical synthesis, Bio-processing, Pharmaceutical, Fine chemical, Petrochemical, Agrochemical or related synthetic topics, including Medicinal, Organic and High-throughput Chemists, Nanotechnology in addition to scientists involved in Process Development. A basic knowledge of chemistry is required.

The course is designed to make participants familiar with this emerging field and improve the productivity of synthetic processes resulting in substantial cost saving.  This course will be valuable to both industrial and academic researchers currently involved with or intending to become active in the area of Continuous Flow Synthesis.

What will I Gain by Attending?

• Obtain a State of Art introduction and training in Continuous Flow Synthesis.

• Understand the Theory and Concepts behind Micro & Continuous Reactors

• Become familiar with all major types of commercially available equipment

• Learn to apply Flow Technology to your Synthetic Chemistry problems

• Learn about a diverse set of chemistries and applications during the course

• Find out about future trends in Micro Reactor Chemistry in particular in Chemical and Biological Processing and Scale-up

• Discover where to look for more advanced information

With time allowed for open questions and discussion, this one day will enable the audience to get to grips with most of the issues involved in Micro Reactors and Continuous Flow Production. All participants will receive a comprehensive set of notes in CD-ROM format consisting of the material presented in the morning and afternoon sessions.

Agenda (9.00 am to 5.00 pm)

1. Introduction to Micro Reaction Technology and Continuous Flow Chemistry

A brief introduction to the type of reactors used will be given, but most time will be devoted to the key concepts such as heat transfer and mixing. General references will be given.

2. Flow Chemistry Equipment from R&D to Industrial Scale

Commercially available Micro Reactors - General features with reference to Industrial applications

3. Synthetic Reactions Performed in Continuous Flow

This section will review in detail the reactions reported in the literature emphasing the benefits on continuous manufacturing from a safety perspective.Many reactions of industrial significance will be described including nitrations, Grignard reactions, hydrogenations, lithiation chemistry, oxidation and reduction, halogenation etc.

4. Scale Up/Process Intensification

Application of Technology for Industrial Scale Manufacture

5. Other Applications of Micro Reactors

Polymerisation, Nanoparticle synthesis, Emulsification and Online Analysis will be outlined

Paul Watts

Paul Watts, Distinguished Professor and Research Chair, Nelson Mandela University