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SELECTBIO Conferences 3D-Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering

3D-Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering

Keynote Speakers

Douglas Chrisey
Jung Chair of Materials Engineering and Professor of Physics, Tulane University

John Fisher
Fischell Family Distinguished Professor & Department Chair; Director, NIH Center for Engineering Complex Tissues, University of Maryland

Gabor Forgacs
Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia; Scientific Founder, Organovo; CSO, Modern Meadow

James Hickman
Professor, Nanoscience Technology, Chemistry, Biomolecular Science and Electrical Engineering, University of Central Florida; Chief Scientist, Hesperos

David L. Kaplan
Stern Family Endowed Professor of Engineering, Professor & Chair -- Dept of Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University

Shana Kelley
Professor, University of Toronto

Jeffrey Morgan
Professor of Medical Science and Engineering, Brown University

Michael Shuler
Samuel B. Eckert Professor of Engineering, Cornell University, President & CEO, Hesperos, Inc.

Mehmet Toner
Helen Andrus Benedict Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Harvard Medical School, and Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology

David Weitz
Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, Director of the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, Harvard University


Welcome to the Select Biosciences Fourth Annual BioEngineering 2017 Conference.  This conference brings together researchers from academia, industry as well as participants from companies developing technologies and tools in 3D-Bioprinting, Tissue Engineering and Synthetic Biology Fields.

There is much excitement in the utilization of technologies developed in the microfluidics field and their impact in various application areas.  This conference explores the emerging technology trends, product development, and utilization in the following segments:
  •     BioMEMS and Microfluidics
  •     3D-Bioprinting: Technologies and Applications
  •     Tissue Engineering and Synthetic Biology
Both research as well as commercial aspects will be addressed at this conference which includes scientific presentations, technology spotlight presentations, exhibits from companies in the field as well as posters with extensive networking opportunities.

A co-located exhibit hall features companies from around the world presenting technologies, products and services.

Agenda Topics

  • 3D-Printing, Biofabrication and Bioprinting using Microfluidics
  • 3D-Printing/Bioprinting in the Life Sciences
  • Additive Manufacturing and Other Platforms for 3D-Printing in the Life Sciences
  • Bioinks
  • Engineered Tissue
  • Innovations in Technology Development in 3D-Bioprinting
  • Intelligent Biomaterials
  • Synthetic Biology Approaches for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Jeff Fan, Exhibition Manager

Distinguished Faculty

Jinah Jang, Assistant Professor, Pohang University of Science And Technology (POSTECH)
Joseph Kinsella, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, McGill University
Narutoshi Hibino, Assistant Professor, Cardiac Surgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital
Murat Guvendiren, Assistant Professor, Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Sidi Bencherif, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University
Xuanhe Zhao, Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Stephanie Willerth, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Biomedical Engineering, University of Victoria
Thomas Angelini, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Florida
Daniel Irimia, Associate Professor, Surgery Department, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Shriners Burns Hospital, and Harvard Medical School
Nicanor Moldovan, Associate Research Professor, Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Ophthalmology, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Joyce Wong, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, Boston University
Noah Malmstadt, Professor, Mork Family Dept. of Chem. Eng. & Mat. Sci., University of Southern California
Justine Creff, Researcher, LAAS-CNRS
Paula Menezes, Researcher, Oregon Health and Science University
Frederik Claeyssens, Senior Lecturer, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Sheffield
William G Whitford, Strategic Solutions Leader Bioprocess, GE Healthcare Life Sciences
Yan Yan Shery Huang, University Lecturer in Bioengineering, University of Cambridge

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