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SELECTBIO Conferences High-Content and Phenotypic Screening Europe 2018

High-Content and Phenotypic Screening Europe 2018 Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

CYTOOls: A high-content screening image analysis tool for muscle and skin drug discovery
Oana Lorintiu, Image analysis Scientist, CYTOO

High-content screening (HCS) requires the extraction of quantitative data from large datasets of microscopy images to characterize cell phenotypes in a sensitive and robust way. The image analysis platform CYTOOls deploys imaging and image-analysis methodologies to study physiological and standardized skin and muscle cell models that are standardized in micropatterned plate systems. The image analysis platform is precise and flexible providing a large panel of analysis solutions. Regarding skin cell-based assays, the actual version of the software includes the characterization of the mitochondrial network in single human dermal fibroblasts (FibroScreenTM Fusion/Fission), the evaluation of fibroblasts mechanical forces on soft substrates (FibroScreenTM Flex), and the 3D reconstruction of miniaturized human micro-epidermis structures (EpiScreenTM). CYTOOls also allows the fine profiling of CYTOO’s 2D physiological human primary skeletal muscle model, MyoScreenTM, analyzing morphological parameters and differentiation features of myotubes, as well as calcium flux using live imaging. The software can analyze images with different sizes and formats acquired on any microscopy platform. Analysis can be executed in batch-mode for any well-plate format for high-throughput screening purposes. Here, we provide a global overview of all the HCS tools integrated in the CYTOOls software with examples of applications.