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SELECTBIO Conferences Bioprinting & 3D Printing in the Life Sciences

Bioprinting & 3D Printing in the Life Sciences Agenda

3D printing in Ear Nose Throat Surgery

Payal Mukherjee, Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Sydney, ENT Research Lead RPA Institute of Academic Surgery

Ear Nose Throat Surgery is plagued with complex 3D anatomy and 3D printing offers new and innovative solutions in solving clinical challenges and overcoming educational boundaries. Background: Otolaryngology is plagued with complex three dimensional (3D) anatomical challenges from reconstructing microtia and complex skull based defects to large head and neck reconstruction. The challenges increase operative time and increase the risk of potential complications (e.g. leaks, wound breakdown etc.). 3D printing is a new and innovative tool that has a great potential to help address some of these challenges. Methods: Petrous Temporal Bone CT scans of patients of a diverse range of cases ranging from skull base cholesteatoma to exostosis were applied to 3D printing. When necessary for preoperative planning, printed bones were also drilled. Results: The resolution of modern imaging is adequate and the cost of current 3D printers makes this feasible to pursue it in routine clinical practice and also generate the turnover at a speed required in clinical context. Conclusion: 3D printing opens new dimensions in the future of patient care in Otolaryngology with care and repair customized to exact patient’s anatomy.