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Recent Flow Chemistry Applications in Industry

Heather Graehl, Director of Sales North America, ThalesNano

Flow reactors are being used to enable chemists to perform novel chemistry, tackle traditionally dangerous chemistry, rapidly optimize conditions, and all by an inherently scalable method. The popularity of flow hydrogenations, popularized by Thalesnano H-Cube series, uses packed fixed bed CatCarts with improved mass transfer, decreased reaction time, and eliminates catalyst handling and filtration. While hydrogenations are most known due to an H-Cube’s ability to generate H2 gas, other heterogeneous reactions are well demonstrated such as carbonylations, oxidations, and carbon-carbon couplings. The improved mixing and rapid heat transfer makes flow chemistry ideal for the challenging endothermic and exothermic chemistry. High temperature liquid phase flow reactors and gas phase flash vacuum pyrolysis reactors are enabling generation of novel heterocycles, which are particularly of interest for pharmaceutical companies in drug discovery. Exothermic and dangerous chemistry has been a good candidate for flow, and new examples of a variety of halogenations is covered on the multi-step, ozonolysis compatible reactor, IceCube. Emerging applications of applying high pressure and temperature flow reactors in upstream petrochemical business allows for testing and simulation of down-hole conditions for high performance polymers, additives, and surfactants to enhance oil recovery and evaluate greener drilling fluids.

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