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SELECTBIO Conferences Track Two


High Resolution and Rapid Sieving of Biomolecules in Capillary-Well Motif

Levent Yobas, Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

This talk will present and discuss our recent results on size-based separation of biological macromolecules obtained using a unique artificial sieving matrix. The matrix involves a linear array of highly regular glass capillary segments alternatingly arranged with wells – capillary-well motif. The glass capillaries feature a cylindrical profile batch-fabricated through thermal reflow of glass within grooves on silicon using standard semiconductor manufacturing techniques. The capillary diameter plays a determining role for sieving mechanism and can be precision tailored from several micrometers down to 70 nm by tuning thermal reflow parameters. The capillary-well motif exhibits a distinctively high threshold voltage below which molecules fail to launch. This threshold characteristic shifts sieving mechanism to a relatively large operating voltage, thereby enabling highresolution and rapid separation of macromolecules.

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