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Agronomics of Mushrooms- Their Production and Consumption

Manjit Singh, Ex-Director, Directorate of Mushroom Research (ICAR-DMR), Solan, India; General Secretary, World Society of Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products (WSMBMP)

Cultivation of mushrooms is of recent origin and the global production that was 0.17 million ton (MT) in 1960, has increased to over 40 MT. China is the major producer contributing about 87% of world production and cultivating over 60 different species of mushroom. Recently novel and prized species like Cordyceps and Morchella have also been cultivated. In India, however, we are at very early stages and are cultivating only 4 species. The production is about 1.3 lakh tonnes in which 85% contribution is by button mushroom alone. Mushroom are an important component of farming system for complete recycling of agro-wastes. Introduction of new species is equally important for promoting sustainable agriculture as is transforming the existing ones. Many of the lignin degrading mushrooms may also be of use development of animal feed, bioremediation, improving soil structure, etc.

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