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SELECTBIO Conferences Drug Discovery and Development India


Pharmaceutical Industries Continued Love Affair with Cholestrol

Shanavas Alikunju, Vice President & Head - Translational R&D and Biology, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd

Today, there is no longer any doubt about the benefit of lowering blood cholesterol levels for treating coronary heart disease. However, getting to this point has been a long uphill battle marked by heated debate and disagreements on the role of cholesterol. Ever since it was first isolated from gallstones in 1784, cholesterol has exerted a hypnotic fascination for scientists leading to thirteen Nobel Prizes to those who devoted major part of their career to cholesterol research. Chemists has been fascinated with cholesterol because of its complex four-ring structure synthesized the action of at least 30 enzymes. Biologists have been fascinated because of its essential function in cell membranes and precursor for the synthesis of steroid hormones and bile acids. Physicians have been fascinated as elevated levels of blood cholesterol accelerate the formation of atherosclerotic plaques leading to heart attacks and stroke. And finally, Pharmaceutical industries love affair with cholesterol that started in 1959 continue to this day. This lecture traces the history and milestones in cholesterol research leading to the discovery and wide spread of usage of statins for coronary heart disease. A brief glimpse into the future of cholesterol research and emerging therapies to address the residual cardiovascular risk will also be covered.

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