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Drug Discovery Technology: Cheminformatics & Insights of Structure Based Drug Designing

Held in conjunction with Drug Discovery and Development India

09 Sep 2015, at 9.00 am - 5.00 pm in Hyderabad



This workshop is for:

: B.Sc./M.Sc./B.Tech./M.Tech from Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Pharmacy,  Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology, Bio Chemistry, Biomedical Technology, Food Science, Environmental Science, Bio-Science, Genetics, Plant Science and Life Sciences.

: From companies, Research institutes and Faculty from colleges interested to incorporate drug discovery technologies into their research work 


The simple answer to what's holding the industry back in terms of adoption of latest drug discovery techniques is Education. There simply aren't enough individuals trained on the use of Proteomics, Virtual Screening, Molecular Docking, Simulations, Dynamics and  ADMET- multidisciplinary approaches, which is why we continue to offer courses, for both novice and experienced users, on the use of this technology as it applies to their research functions.

Molecular recognition in biological systems relies on the existence of specific attractive interactions between two partner molecules. Structure-based drug design seeks to identify and optimize such interactions between ligands and their host molecules, typically proteins, given their three-dimensional structures. This course provides an overview of such interactions and principles of drug design.

o    Introduction of Drug Designing
o    Science involved in disease target identification
o    Virtual Screening
o    In-silico generation of ligands by ChemSketch
o    Conversion of. mol files to. pdb files by Open Babel
o    Protein Optimization & Energy Minimization by SPDBV
o    Molecular Docking by MGL Tools
o    Creation of Grid parameter & Dock Parameter files.
o    Running the Docking Algorithm by Cygwin
o    Selection of potent inhibitors on the basis of Binding Energies and Lipinski's Rule of 5
o    Protein-Ligand complex analysis by UCSF Chimera
o    H- Bond analysis by UCSF Chimera
o    Online software for prediction of Molecular Properties.
o    Online software for prediction of bioactivity.
o    Online software for Drug Likeness.
o    Online software for Bioavailability.
o    Online software for ADME.
o    Online software for Toxicity.
o    Solve queries and Doubts.

Asif Naqvi

Asif Naqvi, CEO & Founder, BioDiscovery Group Life Sciences