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SELECTBIO Conferences Drug Discovery and Development India


Future Trends and Challenges in Innovative Translational Research: Academic and Industrial Perspective

G Praveen Kumar, Professor & Principal, Sahasra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Translation Research refers to the application of the results of basic biomedical research to the practice of medicine. More specifically, it describes the process of converting discoveries made in the laboratory into clinical interventions that provide a direct benefit to human health. Laboratory discoveries are not typically made in a form ready for adoption by the clinician to treat patients. Therefore, research doesn’t end with the discovery in the laboratory. In fact, this constitutes the start on the development pathway leading to the creation of a treatment suitable for humans. The translational process has generally been viewed as a complex and protracted one, lacking clearly defined start and end points. Historically, it was represented by a single step on a linear path between scientific discovery and its clinical application. Today, however, it is no longer linear or unidirectional. Translation can now occur from bench to bedside and bedside to bench, often with many journeys in both directions. The study provides with many insights into the current state of translational research worldwide including what academia and industry should do in order to achieve better, faster translational results for the benefit of both patients and themselves.

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