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Multiphysics Modeling in Modern Flow Chemistry

Patrick Mills, Professor and Dotterweich Endowed Chair, Texas A&M University Kingsville

"Various computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software codes, such as ANSYS CFX and FLUENT (, CFD-ACE+ (, COMSOL Multiphysics (, COVENTORWARE (, gPROMS (, and OPENFOAM (, are being extensively used to analyze the behavior of various technologies, such as biomedical and biomolecular systems, chemical and catalytic reactors, geomechanical systems, microreactor and microprocess systems, microfluidic systems, multiphase flow systems, process analytical technologies, and thermo-hydro-mechanical systems.  Detailed models for these systems typically includes coupling between various multiphysics, such as laminar or turbulent fluid flow (single/multiphase), heat transfer (convection/conduction/radiation), mechanical stresses (elastic/elasto-plastic/thermal elasto-plastic), electro-magnetic forces, and species transport with chemical reaction.  
COMSOL Multiphysics is a powerful modeling platform for creating a detailed models since it contains various modules that allow the user to include the desired physics through a straight-forward interface.  It can be linked to other powerful modeling software, such as MATLAB, and also includes the capability of accessing uniform standards for interfacing of COMSOL models with process modelling software components, such as CAPE OPEN.  For these reasons, it provides a useful basis for modeling and analysis of Flow Chemistry systems since they often involve coupling between various multiphysics.
This presentation will provide an overview of COMSOL Multiphysics and how it can be used to analyze the performance of flow chemistry microreactor systems through several example applications. Emphasis will be placed upon modeling of porous media flows in microreactors using the COMSOL subsurface flow module since these occur in various flow chemistry applications. The first examp

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