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Flow Chemistry Congress Agenda

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Thursday, 10 April 2014


Registration & Breakfast Networking


Klavs JensenKeynote Presentation

Developing and Scaling Multistep Flow Chemistry
Klavs Jensen, Professor, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, United States of America

Examples of development of scaling of multistep flow chemistry are presented along with ultrafiltration strategies for recycling of homogeneous catalysts.


Catalysis in Flow: Operando Study of Pd Catalyst Speciation and Leaching
Mimi Hii, Professor, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

The behaviour of palladium catalysts during a Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction was examined using X-ray absorption spectroscopy.


Coffee & Networking in Exhibition Hall


TiContinuous Flow Synthesis of Alpha-Haloketones – Essential Building Blocks of Antiretroviral Agents
C. Oliver Kappe, Professor and Scientific Director, Center for Continuous Flow Synthesis and Processing, University of Graz, Austria

A continuous flow strategy for the preparation of the HIV protease inhibitor Atazanavir will be described that relies on the safe generation of anhydrous diazomethane by membrane separation technology.


TiSynthetic Transformations Employing Continuous Flow Technologies
Charles Liotta, Regents Professor & Chair, Georgia Tech School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, United States of America

The utilization of continuous flow technologies for the following applications will be discussed: Synthesis of (S)-1-benzyl-3-diazo-2-oxopropylcarbamic acid tert-butyl ester, Synthesis of N-(tert-butoxycarbonyl)-(3S)-3-3amino-1-chloro-4-phenyl-(2S)-butane-2-ol via Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley reduction, and Studies related to the indium-catalyzed Homo-Nazarov cyclization. 


Flow Chemistry: A Useful Method for Performing Hazardous Exothermic Chemistry in a Safer Manner
Heather Graehl, Director of Sales North America, ThalesNano, United States of America


Syrris IncTechnology Spotlight:
Recent Advances in Flow Chemistry Technology
Billy Bullock, Regional Manager, Syrris Inc

In the last 10 years flow chemistry has evolved from obscurity to the most rapidly developing synthetic chemistry process.  Chemists are now able to perform a wider range of faster, cleaner, safer chemistry.  This presentation specifically looks at how specific areas of flow chemistry have developed over the last 2-3 years, from both the chemistry and technology viewpoints.  This presentation looks at a selection of these benefits through real examples done by users of Syrris flow systems and investigates some recent advances in flow chemistry technology.


Lunch & Networking in Exhibition Hall


Poster Viewing Session


Frank GuptonKeynote Presentation

Strategic Applications of Heterogeneous Catalysis in Continuous Pharmaceutical Operations
Frank Gupton, Floyd D. Gottwald Chaired Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, United States of America

Advances in the preparation and application of heterogeneous catalysts for key chemical transformations and their use in continuous pharmaceutical applications will be presented.  


Process Analysis Utilizing Small Footprint Capillary Flow based NMR Spectroscopy
John Frost, Chemist, Thermo Fisher Scientific, United States of America

We present several systems utilizing the picoSpin NMR spectrometer for reaction monitoring applications in the process environment using readily available instruments and off the shelf components. A detailed discussion of the experimental setup, results and potential applications in the area of process analysis will be discussed.


Coffee & Networking in Exhibition Hall


Development of a Process Analytical Solution for Real-Time Monitoring of Continuous Flow Reactors
Brian Marquardt, Director, University of Washington, United States of America

Development and implementation of accurate sampling systems and advanced analytics will greatly speed the development of new chemistries, streamline reaction optimization and vastly improve production quality and control in continuous flow reactors.


Multiphysics Modeling in Modern Flow Chemistry
Patrick Mills, Professor and Dotterweich Endowed Chair, Texas A&M University Kingsville, United States of America

An overview of various software tools for detailed modeling of flow chemistry systems is presented along with recent applications.  The capabilities of COMSOL Multiphysics are illustrated through target applications involving transport of momentum, energy and species transport in microreactor systems.


Close of Day One

Friday, 11 April 2014


Breakfast Networking


Timothy JamisonKeynote Presentation

Continuous Multistep Synthesis
Timothy Jamison, Robert R. Taylor Professor and Department Head, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America

Flow chemistry has the potential to revolutionize the synthesis of organic molecules, particularly in multi-step contexts.


Accelerating Photochemical Processes in Continuous-flow Microreactors
Timothy Noël, Professor, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

This presentation will report on the acceleration of photoredox catalyzed reactions in continuous photomicroreactors.  Relevant examples from our group, such as the Stadler-Ziegler reaction and trifluoromethylation reactions will be detailed on during the presentation.  Moreover, insight information will be provided about the discovery process and the different parameters that led to success.


Coffee & Networking in Exhibition Hall


Early Transition Metal Chemistry in Flow - Making Known and New Discovery Faster and Easier
Tyler McQuade, Program Manager, DARPA, United States of America

New approaches to use of early transition metals in flow will be discussed.


Flow Chemistry at Pfizer
Paul Richardson, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development, United States of America

This talk provides an overview of Flow Chemistry within Pfizer with an emphasis placed on the changing role in how this technology has been integrated into our research programs.


Lunch & Networking in Exhibition Hall


Heterogeneous Electrophilic Catalysis in Flow
Dean Toste, Professor, University of California Berkeley, United States of America

The development, application and in situ studies of metal nanoparticles as heterogeneous electrophilic catalysts in flow reactors will be discussed. 


Towards Chemo-Enzymatic Reactions under Continuous Flow Conditions
Rodrigo OMA de Souza, Associate Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Recent achievements in chemo-enzymatic reactions for production of chiral amines under continuous flow conditions will be presented.


Flow Chemistry from Milligrams to Metric Tons
Scott May, Senior Research Advisor, Eli Lilly & Co, United States of America

In this presentation, a continuous, high pressure, Iridium-catalyzed reductive amination reaction will be described from early proof-of-concept (milligrams) to a large scale manufacturing (2MT) demonstration under cGMP conditions.


Close of Conference

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