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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry Europe 2017


Anelli's (TEMPO) Oxidation of Alcohol by Flow Chemistry, Industrial Scale

Guy Samburski, Senior Director R&D, TEVA

Anelli's oxidation is used to convert an alcohol to an aldehyde in the course of manufacturing an API. This reaction occurs at a two phase system, using 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl (TEMPO) as a catalyst (primary oxidant) and NaOCl as secondary oxidant. Further oxidation to the corresponding carboxylic acid is an undesirable by-product. Typical yield in the batch reaction is 75%, whereas main loss is due to over-oxidation. The reaction is fast and needs to be performed at low temperatures. The reaction was performed using flow-chemistry using a 15 l/hr meso-reactor at 15 ÂșC. Yield increased in 15 %. Switching from batch process to flow-chemistry requires special process and technical considerations that will be discussed.

Add to Calendar ▼2017-02-07 00:00:002017-02-08 00:00:00Europe/LondonFlow Chemistry Europe 2017Flow Chemistry Europe 2017 in Cripps Court, Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK Cripps Court, Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK