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SELECTBIO Conferences Cell & Gene Therapy Asia 2019

Noboru Yamaji's Biography

Noboru Yamaji, President, Chief Intelligence and Liaison Officer, Universal Cells, Inc., An Astellas Company

Molecular Biologist. Ph.D. from Tokyo University (1998). Lead research activities in the fields of biologics including monoclonal antibodies, genome analysis-based drug discovery, vaccine and regenerative medicine/Cell therapy as Head of departments in his 30 year-industry career with Astellas Pharma, Inc. Spent as visiting scientist at Genetics Institute (1991-1993) for BMP/BMP receptor identification, Director at Agensys, Inc. (2008-2012) for target discovery for anti-cancer monoclonal antibodies, and President, Chief Intelligence and Liaison Officer at Universal Cells, Inc. (2018-present).

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Generation of Universal Donor Cell and its Application

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 at 13:50

Add to Calendar ▼2019-11-12 13:50:002019-11-12 14:50:00Europe/LondonGeneration of Universal Donor Cell and its ApplicationCell and Gene Therapy Asia 2019 in Kobe, JapanKobe,

It is expected that “Cell” would be the modality which can cure patients suffered from diseases currently with no effective therapeutic option. One of the challenges for the industrialization and promotion of cell therapy is immune rejection. Universal cells, Inc. have developed HLA Knock-out type Universal Donor Cells (UDCs) from pluripotent stem cells, which express non-polymorphic HLA-E molecule for protection from NK cell-mediated “missing-self” cell lysis and a suicide gene for safety by using recombinant Adeno Associated Virus-mediated accurate and safe gene editing method. UDCs can be differentiated to any types of cells and then transplanted in patients without HLA-matching and potentially immunosuppressive treatment. UDCs also have advantages including higher consistency of cell therapy products (no donor-derived variability), reduced Cost of Goods (scalable manufacturing from one cell source), higher safety (no or reduced immunosuppression, more thorough analysis and quality management) and higher efficacy (better clinical trial design). Details of our approach for Universal Donor Cell and its application will be presented.

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