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Scott Tebbutt's Biography

Scott Tebbutt, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

Scott Tebbutt is Chief Scientific Officer of the Prevention of Organ Failure (PROOF) Centre of Excellence - a not-for-profit organization dedicated to moving research findings into health care, and focused on non-invasive biomarkers that can diagnose and/or predict organ failure (heart, lung and kidney). His responsibilities include the evaluation of new, high-performance technologies to improve biomarker discovery. He is also Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Respiratory Medicine, University of British Columbia, and Principal Investigator at the James Hogg Research Centre, St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, Canada. His academic research program is focused on the genomics of complex respiratory disease, including the early and late reactions in atopic asthma and allergic rhinitis.

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Peripheral Whole Blood Transcriptomes of Asthmatic Individuals Undergoing Allergen Inhalation Challenge

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 at 10:45

Add to Calendar ▼2014-04-30 10:45:002014-04-30 11:45:00Europe/LondonPeripheral Whole Blood Transcriptomes of Asthmatic Individuals Undergoing Allergen Inhalation

Allergen inhalation challenge can be a suitable model to explore the dynamics of immune cells and to elucidate the mechanism of allergic asthma in humans.  We performed RNA-seq transcriptomic analysis on Illumina rRNA/globin-depleted stranded cDNA libraries generated from blood leukocyte samples donated by asthmatic individuals undergoing allergen inhalation challenge.

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