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SELECTBIO Conferences Emerging Themes and Technologies in Tissue Engineering and Bioprinting

Stuart Williams's Biography

Stuart Williams, Director, Bioficial Organs, University of Louisville

Dr. Stuart Williams received his Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the University of Delaware followed by postdoctoral training in Pathology at the Yale School of Medicine. During the period 1980 to 1990 he held a faculty appointment at Jefferson Medical College where he was Director of Research in the Department of Surgery. In 1990 Dr. Williams joined the faculty at the University of Arizona and established the Section of Surgical Research in the Department of Surgery. In 1997 he founded the University of Arizona Biomedical Engineering Program creating a research and educational link between the Medical School and College of Engineering. He held faculty positions jointly in Biomedical Engineering, Surgery, Physiology and Materials Science and Engineering. In 2007 Dr. Williams was selected as the Scientific Director of the newly established Cardiovascular Innovation Institute, a partnership between Jewish Hospital and the University of Louisville in Louisville Kentucky. He recently established the Bioficial Organs Program to create human tissues and organs for therapeutics and toxicity testing using a patient’s own cells. Central to this effort is the use of 3D Bioprinting technologies. Dr. Williams developed and patented the first methods to use fat-derived stem and regenerative cells for therapeutic use. He has maintained continuous funding from the National Institutes of Health since 1979. Dr. Williams has authored over 300 scientific publications. His entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in 18 issued US patents with numerous patents pending. He has founded five biotechnology companies, maintained active managerial positions and has been an active consultant to the medical device, regenerative medicine and pharmaceutical community. He is a Fellow of the American Heart Association and a Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering.

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Bioprinting and Bioassembly of Bioficial Organs

Monday, 9 February 2015 at 16:30

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The assembly of functional organs from a patient’s own tissue and cells remains a major goal of regenerative medicine.  With the development of computer assisted design of tissues and organs and the integration of additive manufacturing technologies the era of 3D Bioprinting has emerged as a new technology toward the manufacturing of custom organs.  This presentation will describe the next generation of bioprinting systems that include new multi-axis robotic systems.   Advancements in biomaterials have created new “bioinks” a critical component of tissue and organ 3D bioprinting.  The field of 3D Bioprinting is positioned to become a major clinical tool to address numerous diseases as well as aid in the development of new diagnostic tests and in drug development.

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