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Noel de Souza's Biography

Noel de Souza, Consultant, Independent Pharma Drug Discovery & Development

Dr Noel de Souza educated at the Bombay University with postdoctoral associateships at Drexel Institute of Technology, Philadelphia, U.S.A.; University of Liverpool, England. He is also an alumnus of the International Management Institute, Geneva, Switzerland.
His areas of specialization are pharmaceutical research and development, and intellectual property, in a variety of therapeutic areas.
Dr. de Souza worked at the erstwhile, Hoechst Pharmaceuticals Research Centre, as Head of Discovery Chemistry and Drug Development (1970-1992), and as Director, R&D, Sun Pharmaceuticals Limited Research Centre (1994-1997); Director, R&D, Wockhardt Limited Research Centre (1997-2004); Adjunct Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, (2006-2011).
Dr. de Souza currently operates as a Consultant. Some of the drug molecules which Dr. de Souza steered through discovery and development have been successfully launched in the market, and others have attracted high international interest and acclamation for their unique mechanism of drug action, in particular the molecules named FORSKOLIN and ALVOCIDIB. Compounds related to these molecules have been internationally recognised as drugs for leukemia. A more recent successful drug in the national and international marketplace is NADOXIN, a dermatological antibiotic. International recognition has recently been granted to the anti-infective discovery molecules WCK 771 and WCK 2349.

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