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SELECTBIO Conferences Exosomes and Microvesicles

Hyungsoon Im's Biography

Hyungsoon Im, Assistant Professor, Center for Systems Biology, Mass General Hospital (MGH)/Harvard Medical School

Hyungsoon Im is Assistant Professor at the Center for Systems Biology (CSB), Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2011. Working with Drs. Ralph Weissleder and Hakho Lee, he has developed novel nanoplasmonic sensing technologies for exosome detection and characterization.

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Nanoplasmonic Exosome Analysis

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 at 08:30

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This presentation will review the recently developed exosome analysis platform, nPLEX (nano-plasmonic exosome) technology. The sensing sensing is based on transmission surface plasmon resonance (SPR) through periodic nanohole arrays. Target-specific exosome binding on the array causes significant SPR signal changes, which enables sensitive and fast detection of exosomes. We applied the first generation nPLEX system to detect exosomes collected from ovarian cancer patients. The analyses not only identified cancer-specific exosomes, but also differentiated treatment responses to standard ovarian cancer therapies.

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