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Lewis J. Obi's Biography

Lewis J. Obi, Medical Director, Cell Surgical Network of Florida; Medical Director of Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic

Lewis J. Obi M.D., FRSA, is a board certified plastic surgeon who established the first licensed plastic surgery center in Florida. More recently he established a unique stem cell center, Cell Surgical Network of Florida As an innovator, he has pioneered many procedures and recently worked extensively with lasers and also stem cells derived from adult fat. He has lectured internationally on these topics. His love and passion for art expressed through his international firm of Obiarts resulted in the induction of Dr. Obi as a fellow to the Royal Society of Art, London (FRSA) in 1986. Obiarts has contributed world class art to dozens of major museums and institutions.

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Clinical Applications of SVF and Tissue Engineering from a Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective: Past, Present and Future

Thursday, 17 March 2016 at 16:30

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The history of plastic surgery dates back 5000 years to the Ancient Egyptian text known as the Edwin Smith Papyrus which describes treatments for a broken nose. The term plastic surgery derived from the Greek “plastike” implies the art of modeling of malleable flesh. Fast forward into the twentieth century when the modern day specialty of plastic surgery was established. The use of autologous grafts and flaps combined with microsurgery and synthetic materials led to the need for advanced imaging technology. The Canfield 3D imaging system made this technology affordable for plastic surgeons. Lipo suction led to a parallel science with the use of processed fat as a source of stem cells for regenerative surgery. The natural evolution of all of these methods in plastic surgery was to work with stem cell and bioprinting scientists. Dr Hee Young Lee of Korea recently developed a stem cell expansion and storage system producing enough cells for bioprinting. Paul Gaetenholm of Chalmers University has developed novel bio inks and bio printers which provides the final piece of the puzzle in this vast new science of bio printing. After 5000 years, plastic surgeons may not only repair broken noses but actually print new ones.

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