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Igor Plazl's Biography

Igor Plazl, Professor, University of Ljubljana

Dr. Igor Plazl graduated from chemical engineering at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana, in 1978. He was awarded his PhD in 1993 and became a full professor of chemical engineering in 2010. He has published reviewed university textbook entitled Introduction to Process Modeling, 2004. In 1989, he worked in Bayer AG, Leverkusen, and in 2003/04 half-year at Oregon State University, USA as a visiting professor (Fulbright Grant). He was Vice dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana in 2010-2014. His main research interests are applications of microwaves in chemical industry, mathematical modeling of (bio)chemical processes, and microreactor technology. He had many invited and also plenary lectures and he has published several cited papers in peer reviewed journals on the topic of microfluidics. He is the co-editor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Journal, a member of Working Party on Process Intensification and CAPE-WP (EFCE), COST Action MP1305 Flowing matter, and Slovenian Chemical Society.

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Design and Optimization of Bioprocesses at the Micro Scale

Thursday, 21 January 2016 at 16:20

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In this talk the multiscale modeling concept is presented, which combines existing and emerging methods from diverse scientific disciplines to bridge the wide range of time and length scales that are inherent in a number of essential phenomena and processes in materials science and engineering.

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