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Welcome to the Informatics track of the Systems Biology Europe conference and exhibition. This year's event will be held in Madrid, the capital and largest city of Spain.

This conference aims to address the new and expanding field of computational informatics and bioinformatics for Systems Biology. Trying to solve complex biological problems by looking at systems from a more holistic viewpoint presents many problems to researchers due to the vast amount of data and modelling issues involved in such research. The Informatics track of SBE will document the technological advances taking place in the field allowing for computational modelling of biological processes using innovative paradigms and new breakthroughs in relevant high-throughput techniques. Furthermore, the critical process of warehousing, visualising and analysing the ever growing volumes of data used in systems biology research will be covered with real world applications of Informatics to health services and tested biological systems being given additional focus.

Other conference tracks at this event includeCancer Proteomics, Exosomes/Markers in Biological Fluids and Metabolic Profiling & Lipidomics. Registered delegates will have access to all four meetings ensuring a very cost-effective trip.

In addition the event will also host two cutting edge business courses which can be viewed here.

Keynote Speakers

Pedro Mendes

Pedro Mendes
Professor in Computational Systems Biology, The University of Manchester

Weida Tong

Weida Tong
Director, US Food and Drug Administration

Agenda Topics

  • Bioinformatics Algorithms
  • Frameworks and Techniques for Verifying, Validating, Analyzing, and Simulating Biological Systems
  • High-Performance Computational Systems Biology and Parallel Running
  • Innovative Paradigms for Modelling Biological Processes
  • Model Integration and Reduction Methods
  • Multi-Scale Models

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Exhibition Team,
+44(0)1787 315110

Confirmed Speakers to date

Ovidiu Radulescu, Professor, Université de Montpellier
Mochamad Apri, Research Scientist, Wageningen University and Research Centre
Olivier Roux, Professor of Computer Science, Ecole Centrale de Nantes
Marta Kwiatkowska, Professor, University of Oxford
Ina Koch, Professor of Bioinformatics, University of Frankfurt
Jerome Feret, Research Fellow, INRIA
Richard Bayford, Professor, Middlesex University
Tommaso Mazza, Bioinformatics Unit Head, Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza
Hans van Beek, Computational Systems Biologist , VU University Medical Centre
Octavio Espinosa, PostDoc, The Institute of Cancer Research

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