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Daejeon Convention Center (DCC)

Daejeon Convention Center (DCC)


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Daejeon Convention Center (DCC) 
Doryong-dong, Yuseong-gu 

Daejeon city has a well-earned reputation for being a leading city for advanced science and technology in Korea. For the past 30-years the “Daedeok Research & Development Specialized Zone” in Daejeon has housed over 250 research institutes, universities and high-tech companies, with around 20,000 engineering graduates, with many working at places such as the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korean Electric Power Research Institute and the Korean Institute of Energy Research. 
To sample the more cultural aspects of Daejeon, there is the Daejeon Culture and Arts Center, Municipal Museum of Arts as well as the nearby Baekjae Cultural Zone. In addition there are various kinds of tours, such as Korean potteries and lifting Insam, all within one hour’s drive of Daejeon.


Toyoko Inn Daejeon

Please make your reservation via the hotel website (no payment taken).
Delegates will receive a 10% discount on check-in. Please remember to mention the conference.

Guide prices: 
Single room KRW 54,450 (around $US 50) 
Double room KRW 74,250 (around $US 65)


South Korea is a member of the VISA waiver programme, therefore if you are from an eligible country you will not require a VISA. Please check whether your country of origin is listed in the VISA waiver program that Korea has signed, please visit:

Attendees arriving into Seoul International Airport (Incheon) should take the Airport Express train from Incheon Airport to Seoul and then transfer to the KTX (High Speed Bullet Train) from Seoul to Daejeon.

Location and Directions

Daejeon, South Korea