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SELECTBIO Conferences Food Analysis Congress

Food Analysis Congress Workshop

Introducing the New Affordable and Durable Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer for Routine Applications Workshop

30 Oct 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, 13:15

This workshop will introduce the instrument and provide two applications presentations showcasing its versatility. The first from Dr Olaf Scheibner (Thermo Fisher Scientific) will describe a new high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) scan mode – variable Data Independent Acquisition (vDIA) – for the screening and quantitation of known and unknown samples. This is illustrated using examples from veterinary drug screening and quantitation of targets in animal products and will demonstrate shorter overall analysis time, superior selectivity and high sensitivity. The second lecture from Dr Bertrand Rochat (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois) discuses the advantage of HRAM full scan acquisition in the performance of qualitative and semi-quantitative metabolomics. The benefits of using the HRAM approach on this new Orbitrap-based instrument compared to SRM methods on a triple quad MS will be demonstrated using examples of therapeutic drug monitoring and endogenous biomarkers, drug pharmacokinetics, and untargeted/ targeted metabolomics analysis.

Workshop Tutor

Martin Hornshaw
Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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