Modeling Kidney Disease on a Glomerulus-on-a-Chip System

Tuesday, 25 June 2024 at 09:00

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Within the kidney, the glomerulus is the structure in charge of the renal ultrafiltration. Loss of glomerular function leads to renal damage and could end with irreversible damage. The major roadblocks to advancing new drugs and therapeutics designed specifically to preserve glomerular function stem from the inability to effectively develop multicellular in vitro models that can accurately mimic the architecture of the glomerular filtration barrier. We have developed a barrier-free, human-based glomerulus-on-a-chip system that closely replicates the glomerular filtration barrier and its functions. More importantly, we have shown that this system can be used for modeling various diseases including membranous nephropathy, Alport Syndrome, and diabetic nephropathy as well as be used as a novel tool for mechanistic studies, biomarker discovery, and personalized medicine.

Stefano Da Sacco, Assistant Professor of Urology, GOFARR Laboratory for Organ Regenerative Research and Cell Therapeutics in Urology, Keck School of Medicine – University of Southern California

Stefano Da Sacco

Dr. Stefano Da Sacco is an Assistant Professor at Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. Before joining the Faculty at USC he was a research fellow at University of Padova (Italy) and University of Southern California, where he obtained his PhD, and a postdoctoral fellow at Children Hospital of Los Angeles. His federally funded lab has developed a functional glomerulus-on-a-chip platform currently used to study disease mechanisms in membranous nephropathy, disease modeling and biomarker discovery. In addition, Dr. Da Sacco’s team studies human kidney development and Wilms Tumor, with a focus on the nephrogenic progenitor niche.