Innovations in Microfluidics 2024: Rapid Prototyping, 3D-Printing

SelectBIO is delighted to welcome you to Ann Arbor, Michigan to the Innovations in Microfluidics 2024 Conference to be held May 6-7, 2024.

The goal of choosing Ann Arbor, Michigan is to bring the conference in close proximity to the world-class institution which is the University of Michigan with its top-tier faculty and extensive scientific research.  The conference seeks to benefit from researchers from the University of Michigan engaging with the conference participants for scientific discussions and networking.

SelectBIO is honored to welcome Professor Dr. Albert Folch, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, as Conference Chairperson.

SelectBIO welcomes academics and industry participants to engage at this conference both via scientific presentations, exhibits, sponsored talks, technology spotlight presentations and networking over the course of the 2-day conference held onsite.

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