Emerging Technologies for Diagnostics & Liquid Biopsies - New Orleans 2024

SelectBIO is delighted to welcome you to the Emerging Technologies for Diagnostics & Liquid Biopsies - New Orleans 2024 Conference to be held September 26-27, 2024 in wonderful New Orleans.

The conference brings together academic and industrial researchers as well as industry participants focusing on emerging technologies for the development of diagnostics -- emerging diagnostics tools such as derived from circulating biomarkers, novel biomarker classes, and new paradigms for diagnostics.

**The conference is chaired by Professor Dr. Steve Soper, Foundation Distinguished Professor and
Director, Center of BioModular Multiscale Systems for Precision Medicine, The University of Kansas.**

The conference welcomes companies focusing on novel biomarker classes as well as those developing new technologies to interrogate these biomarkers and developing tests across different disease classes.

In terms of format, the conference includes invited speakers, sponsored speakers from companies, technology-spotlight presentations, exhibits, posters, and networking events.

**YOUNG INVESTIGATOR POSTER SESSION**The Conference invites Young Faculty, Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students to Participate and Present their work in a Formal Poster Session. Recognition will be given to best poster presenters in all 3 categories.

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