Ralf Jungmann

Group Leader, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

Ralf Jungmann Image

Our research interest is the combination of tools from structural and dynamic DNA nanotechnology with single-molecule fluorescence methods, especially the development and application of novel super-resolution microscopy techniques to answer questions in modern biological and biomedical research.
Specifically, we are interested in harnessing the unique programmability of DNA molecules to develop microscopy techniques (DNA-PAINT) that allow us to perform highly multiplexed (hundreds of targets), ultra-resolution (<5 nm), and quantitative (integer counting of molecules) fluorescence imaging of biological systems (i.e. proteins and nucleic acids in single cells).

Using DNA-based barcoding and super-resolution imaging approaches, we eventually want to unravel the location and interplay of a multitude of genes, RNAs, and proteins in a truly quantitative fashion with highest spatial resolution in single cells and on cell surfaces.


Francesco Pavone

Principal Investigator, LENS, University of Florence

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Francesco Saverio Pavone is directing a research group working in the field of biophotonics on single molecule biophysics, microscopy imaging-spectroscopy techniques, biomedical imaging, laser manipulation of bio-samples.

In particular, he is developing new microscopy techniques for high resolution and high sensitivity imaging, and for laser manipulation purposes. These techniques have been applied both for single molecule biophysics, single cell imaging and optical manipulation. Tissue imaging is another research area developed, where non linear optical techniques have been applied for skin and neural tissue imaging also in-vivo.

Pavone is authors of many internationals papers and editor of international books. He has more than 70 invited talk and he is editors of international journals. He coordinates several European projects and he has organized several international congresses; he is also director of the European Laboratory for Non Linear Spectroscopy in Florence.